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Light Duty Applications



Our DANCEDECK modular flooring system is an economical product which allows you to create a spectacular looking floor for any event.  Available in three styles and a variety of colours and finishes, you can choose the floor that suits your occasion and budget. 

With timber or vinyl woodgrains, and black and white, there is a surface that will fulfil your requirements for professional or recreational use.  Widely used as a portable dancefloor, DANCEDECK is desgned to impress.


  • All our floors are easy and fast to install by even inexperienced personel
  • DANCEDECK is designed for use over carpet tiles or other firm surfaces. Not suitable for plush/spongy carpets or grass.
  • Ramped edging is available to provide that safe, finished look
  • DANCEDECK is designed for occasional irregular use, not for professional/competitive dancing.
  • Our floors are easily cleaned by standard cleaning fluids
  • Transport and Storage trolleys are available
  • Uses include exhibitions, weddings, dances, showrooms, and displays