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Event Flooring - Portable Event Flooring Systems

We have the perfect event floor for your application.

Light Duty Applications

Ideal for pedestrian and light vehicle use, at functions, concerts, and events where turf protection is required.

Our customisable, modular flooring system, is perfect for indoor exhibitions, weddings, dances, showrooms, and displays.

Ideal for displays, trade shows, gym floors, garages, airplane hangars, and tent floors, where an economical but impressive floor is desired.

Medium Duty Applications

This strong temporary flooring system is popular for large-scale tent and special event applications over turf or natural surfaces.

A hexagonal flooring system for applications where significant weight loadings from vehicles, small aircraft, and machinery are required over soft or sensitive surfaces.

Heavy Duty Applications

Designed to handle trucks, forklifts, cranes, staging, and thousands of energetic concert-goers, over valuable stadium or sportfield turf.

For protecting expensive turf or paved surfaces, and also to provide access and traction over sand, mud, and other difficult surfaces.