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Light Duty Applications



EVENTDECK is an affordable event flooring system with all-around superior performance.  Ideal for all event applications - from concerts to any small or large function.  EVENTDECK also provides the ultimate in turf protection flooring, due to its unique reinforcement ribs which create a protective canopy for grass and sensitive surfaces.


  • Provides a rigid and uniform feel under foot that is suitable for upscale, high end events.
  • Ribbed reinforcements provide strength and weight loading capabilities
  • Tile size of 30.5cm long x 10cm wide x 1.9cm high
  • Cable channels allow power cables to be run underneath
  • Attractive and event-friendly look
  • Supports light-weight vehicles, machines, and pedestrians
  • No tools required to install or remove
  • Easy to transport and store
  • Hidden channels on the underside allow water to flow underneath
  • Unique connection system that snaps in to postion
  • Sections are easy to clean and maintain using a brush or pressure washer
  • Modules can be connected at 90 degrees for a more exact fit in marquees
  • Ramped edging available - simply snap on to the end of any flooring section for a finished look