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Medium Duty Applications



ULTRADECK is a strong temporary flooring system that is suitable for large scale tent and special event applications over turf, where a more ridgid and level surface is required.  Withstanding significant point loads, light weight vehicles, and chairs, ULTRADECK represents excellent value for more demanding applications.  It is a quick laying floor with good cleaning characteristics and great investment returns.


  • Widely used as a 'plywood' replacement
  • Large interconnecting rectangular modules with a tile size of 30.5cm x 61cm x 2.8cm
  • Can be connected 'side to end' for custom fitting to marquees
  • Provides a rigid and uniform feel under foot that is suitable for upscale, high end events
  • Can be laid straight down on most ground surfaces, or leveled and raised with bearers
  • Suitable for rugged environments providing tremenous strength and weight loading capabilites
  • Large cable channels allow heavy gauge power cables to be run underneath
  • Attractive and event-friendly look
  • Supports light weight trucks, machines and vehicles
  • Ideal for larger tents where machines are required for the hanging of lighting, decorations, and transport of equipment
  • No tools required to install or remove
  • Easy to transport and store
  • Hidden channels on the underside allow water to flow underneath
  • Easy to clean surface
  • Ramped edging is available